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Mitigate your Co2 production - Reforest & Carbon Credits

Once everything has been done to measure current demand, manage down that demand its time to mitigate the affects of your properties Co2 emissions. There is a variety of ways to do that, and we have partnered with WeForest to ensure we can help mitigate Co2 production in a practical and sustainable way.

WeForest work with local people around the world to reforest some of the most vulnerable forest and habitats. For more information about there projects and the specific project we are supporting through the sale of carbon credits click here.

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Carbon Credits with You Generate CIC

Carbon dioxide or Co2 is a gas which is released during the burning process of fossil fuels and from all aerobic organisms when they metabolize carbohydrates.

Yes, there is lots of practical things that people can do to reduce your Co2 production and we would give you a list of practical advice as part of your free energy assessment.

Dependent on size a family can produce between 5 and 20 tons of Co2 a year.

Each of our carbon credits are equal to 1 ton of Co2 being sucked out of the air. This is done by planting trees, measuring their growth and calculating their Co2 absorption.

Yes, you can gift a carbon credit. We can supply carbon credit certificates with each purchase.

Yes, we would recommend completing an energy assessment to calculate your carbon footprint to assess how many credits are required.

When a property is carbon neutral it would be said that during the running of the property the net Co2 production would be Zero. Any Co2 produced would be offset by the reduction of Co2 in the atmosphere.

We source our verified carbon credits from WeForest’s projects in the Amazon, supporting the local communities. To find out more information about their work click here.

During your energy assessment we would measure your carbon footprint, and this would tell us how many tons of Co2 would need offsetting.

Yes, we would give you a certificate to verify the authenticity of your carbon credits. We would also provide certificates of carbon neutrality depended of the number of credits purchased.

The carbon credits last for as long as the carbon absorbed by the free is locked into that tree. This is one of the reasons why we use WeForest as they work with the local people to ensure the long-term protection of the forest.

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